Dr. Vanessa Katz


As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY22231) with over a decade in private practice, I provide psychotherapy to Individuals and Couples.

I received both my Master of Arts degree (M.A.) and Doctor of Psychology degree (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology from the well-respected California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, California’s largest and oldest graduate program for psychologists.

I interned at Southern California Counseling Center, Julia Ann Singer Family Services at Vista del Mar, and at the Saturday Center for Psychotherapy where I also completed my postdoctoral training.

In addition to my private practice, I currently provide supervision and training for pre & post doctoral interns at the Saturday Center for Psychotherapy.




My practice is rooted firmly in the belief that psychotherapy can help you encounter the fullest, healthiest and most complete version of yourself.

While I have been trained primarily in relational psychodynamic (insight-oriented) psychotherapy, when appropriate I incorporate other modalities (mindfulness, integrative and positive psychology).

My style is warm, interactive, direct and collaborative.

Together we will explore how past experiences impact the relationships you have with others in the present. We will uncover patterns of thinking, behaving and relating that get in the way of connecting from your best authentic self. Tolerating stress and pain and finding alternative ways to confront life’s challenges are skills you’ll develop in your work with me by gaining deeper understanding and awareness of yourself and others.

I believe in self-compassion, self-acceptance, empowerment and resiliency as pillars of my therapeutic approach. My goal is to help my clients find joy, love and calm in their lives.




Areas of focus:

  • ANXIETY  Chronic worries, social anxiety, panic attacks
  • DEPRESSION  Lack of energy, hopelessness, sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, etc. 
  • LIFE TRANSITION  Loss, move, change of career, etc.
  • SELF-ESTEEM  Lack of confidence, insecurity, inner critic, etc.
  • SHAME-INDUCING EXPERIENCES  Being bullied, teased, belittled, & discriminated
  • TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES  Sexual, emotional, physical abuse
  • RELATIONSHIP DIFFICULTIES  Sense of isolation and loneliness, difficulty making friends, break-up, marital discord
  • PARENTING  Parent-child attachment and bonding, single parenting, blended families, co-parenting, etc.
  • SEXUALITY AND GENDER  Intimacy, body image, gender roles, sexual orientation
  • FULFILLMENT IN LIFE  Sense of dullness & emptiness, difficulty finding meaning in life, chronic unhappiness
  • LOSS AND GRIEF Grieving a death, loss of a relationship, divorce


Areas of focus:

  • COMMUNICATION Frequent arguments & communication difficulties

  • TRUST Difficulty in trusting one another

  • INTIMACY Fear of emotional and physical intimacy

  • PASSION Lack of passion for one another, loss of sparks, feeling like roommates with one another

  • FAMILY Disagreements in parenting, finances, and family relationship 

  • PARENTING Expecting a baby, transition to parenthood, co-parenting, blended families
  • CONNECTION Lack of connection, aloneness in the relationship, struggle finding ways to connect
  • SEXUALITY Loss of libido, different levels of sexual desire, sexual dissatisfaction
  • FAMILY OF ORIGIN Unresolved childhood issues impacting the relationship, current family of origin issues