Areas of focus:

  • ANXIETY  Chronic worries, social anxiety, panic attacks
  • DEPRESSION  Lack of energy, hopelessness, sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, etc. 
  • LIFE TRANSITION  Loss, move, change of career, etc.
  • SELF-ESTEEM  Lack of confidence, insecurity, inner critic, etc.
  • SHAME-INDUCING EXPERIENCES  Being bullied, teased, belittled, & discriminated
  • TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES  Sexual, emotional, physical abuse
  • RELATIONSHIP DIFFICULTIES  Sense of isolation and loneliness, difficulty making friends, break-up, marital discord
  • PARENTING  Parent-child attachment and bonding, single parenting, blended families, co-parenting, etc.
  • SEXUALITY AND GENDER  Intimacy, body image, gender roles, sexual orientation
  • FULFILLMENT IN LIFE  Sense of dullness & emptiness, difficulty finding meaning in life, chronic unhappiness
  • LOSS AND GRIEF Grieving a death, loss of a relationship, divorce


Areas of focus:

  • COMMUNICATION Frequent arguments & communication difficulties

  • TRUST Difficulty in trusting one another

  • INTIMACY Fear of emotional and physical intimacy

  • PASSION Lack of passion for one another, loss of sparks, feeling like roommates with one another

  • FAMILY Disagreements in parenting, finances, and family relationship 

  • PARENTING Expecting a baby, transition to parenthood, co-parenting, blended families
  • CONNECTION Lack of connection, aloneness in the relationship, struggle finding ways to connect
  • SEXUALITY Loss of libido, different levels of sexual desire, sexual dissatisfaction
  • FAMILY OF ORIGIN Unresolved childhood issues impacting the relationship, current family of origin issues